Don't Get Anxious

by Meggan Carney



released December 23, 2011



all rights reserved


Meggan Carney Austin, Texas

Meet indie-folk pysch-rock singer-songwriter Meggan Carney. Effortlessly she uses her haunting range to paint a perfect portrait of fantastical youth, with shredding guitar and classical piano interludes giving way to multi-layered paeans of harmonious sound. Her music is enchanting, romantic, and organic; a tender young woman's tales spun into a raw and fearless web of psych-electronic sonance. ... more

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Track Name: Broke Ass Blues
Well you're barely making rent
You're elbow deep in debt
All that's in your pocket is a broken cigarette
You're walking kind of slouched and your head is always aching
Your check is always in the mail but oh how long its taking

I got the broke ass blues

Well it seems thath every body thinks they've got to slave away
It wouldn't be so bad if Big Brother wouldn't squander all my pay
But hey
We're all together and we're doin fine
Everybody's laughing and it didn't cost a silver nickel
So if you've to find you've got a hole in your shoes
Get them toes a'tappin while I sing the
Broke ass blues

I got the broke ass blues

Hey there sir you've got some nerve walkin up to me
Shimmering your fancy watch and shimmering your teeth
Talking 'bout your Tesla and your caddy coupe deville.
No sir I don't need a ride but I'm sure you'll find a nice young drunk girl who
Will you make come noise out loud if you know what I mean
I don't think that we were meant to die for that machine
So come and gather round and make your tattered shoes move
And listen while I sing the broke ass blues

I got the broke ass blues
Track Name: Empathy
Talk to me, there is no place else I'd rather be
Tell me I'm not living senselessly in a life of fantasy
I will give you all of me,
Understand that I will never be
Unwary of your heart
Empathize, I see nothing but light in your eyes
Someone told me that I was not wise
That I'm in for a surpise
They don't know the hurt inside
I believe that you could save my life
I've got longing in my heart
Baby, we are so very young. And time is on our side.
And I know I could carry on with out you,
but give me one good reason why
Track Name: Tacet
Last time I looked
I didn't have a body
No limbs
No hair
No center
Felt like I was just a thought

Made myself a list
But now I can't remember
All of the things I love
Soon will they

House on the steepest hill
Why do you show your children how to steal?
Why does it get so lonesome when you feel
You've got it all?
Well you can have it all

See around corners and you're set for life
Yeah boy
That's right
You've really got it locked down tight

Last time I spoke
I didn't make a single sound
The vibrations I caught
Rounded out my broken thoughts

Man in the breathless jetplane
Man, could you be more mindful of your aim?
I won't dare overlook
What my eyes will let me see
What they will let me see
That you're much like me
They will let me see
And we shall be free
Track Name: Phoenix
On the front porch of my mind
A bourbon black starry night in Phoenix Arizona
Red clay fortress right in my view
Spent the last 60 centuries pushing its way through

Suddenly I see
After the dust had settled
There in front of me
White fluorescent bird with a telegram
It reads:
Don't get anxious

Cities fall at the wave of her wing
It's an age old narrative
The world is rife with silly things
I begin to waste a little of my time
Sitting preoccupied trouble coloring my mind

And then I took a drink
The taste lifted a floodgate
And I began to sink
Into a blue shaded velvety dream
Words echoing
Don't get anxious

Side note:
I stood in the road
What was brought to my attention?
Something you'd said a long time ago
Oh but who really knows
Track Name: Bear Trap
Head full of high
Cut throat and dry
When you look at it right
It really does seem it's got a place
A designated space
In the high altitudes
There, food for you
Step out and see it caught in the middle of the light
Whats that?
a little unburied seed
And it's already got it's sprout
We tick-tocked it out
And now all clocks move backwards
How do you like time now?
It's perfectly safe now
Down in the dry dry desert
Of your heart
I had a very lovely picnic
With a blanket made of playing cards
And that tasty tasty snack went down the hatch just fine
Then I laid my head upon your apprehension